In addition to custom screen-printing and embroidery services, Clubhouse Designs offers a variety of graphic services, including custom-designed T-shirt graphics, logo designs for small businesses, clubs and organizations, graphic design for your ads, flyers, announcements and brochures.

Submitting Your Art

We can accept artwork from you or your art department in a variety of formats, including hard art (camera ready) or digital format. To make sure we can readily convert your digital or conventionally produced graphics to an image that can be screened or embroidered to your satisfaction, as well as to our exacting standards, click here to learn how to best submit your art.

Custom T-Shirt Graphics

We can help you with your graphic concept development for your screen-printed or embroidered apparel.  If you’d like to see some samples of our print work, click here.

Creativity is only one part of creating a successful design for your apparel.  We can also help you with:

  • Choosing the right apparel
  • Recommending appealing color combinations
  • Choosing the right number of colors to make your graphic eye-catching, yet affordable. Remember, the more colors, the greater the screen charges. The same applies to embroidery. More colors mean longer run times and more stitches. For screened graphics, two spot colors with carefully applied halftones can give the appearance of more colors, but more economically.

Art Charges

Artwork charges can vary dramatically from project to project. Selecting a piece of clip art and adding type may take only minutes, while developing a concept based on a theme, then preparing the artwork may take several hours. Even if you provide the art, several factors affect the "art time" required to convert your art into a good printable or embroiderable image. The quality of the art provided, the complexity of the design, the number of colors, the difficulty in preparing color separations, etc., all affect the final output. If you are interested in our services, call or e-mail us to discuss your project. Following is a guideline to estimate art charges:

Type of Art Time Required
Customer Provided – Films None
Customer Provided – Camera Ready None
Customer Provided – Business Card - 1 hours ("scan & clean")
Customer Provided – FAX - 1 hours ("scan & clean",
depending on quality of FAX)
Customer Provided – Photocopy - 1 hours ("scan & clean",
depending on quality of copy)
Customer Provided – Photograph 2 hours minimum, (quoted on per job basis)
Customer Provided – T-Shirt,
one color design
1- 1 hours ("copy, scan &
Customer Provided – T-Shirt,
2 or more colors
varies, depending on colors
(quoted on per job basis)
New – Lettering only None
New – Stock art, no changes None
New – Stock art, modified - 1 hour (depending on modifications)
New – Modified stock art plus lettering - 1 hours (depending on modifications)
New – Stock art plus lettering - hour
New – Custom art from customer sketch 1 hours minimum, quoted on per job basis
New – Custom art, 3 design choices 2 hours minimum, quoted on per job basis

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